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Wild Game Feast of the Year

Offbeat  February 08 2012
 — By Katie Frasier
Wild Game Feast of the Year

You may remember when HuntingBoots.com staffer Dan Lamb feasted on Pulled-BBQ Racoon and Elk Meat Loaf at last year’s Big Game Hunters Wild Game Dinner — and last weekend the Big Game Hunters of St. Louis hosted the event once again!


This year, the menu included even more innovative wild dishes, like:

  • Mountain Lion Stroganoff
  • Deer, Elk, Antelope and Bear Steaks
  • Mexican Pheasant
  • BBQ Duck Breast
  • Elk Balls in Gravy
  • Aoudad Shepherd’s Pie

Big Game Hunters raises money at dinner auctions for the education and preservation of the shooting sports.


What type of wild game are you most interested to try?

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