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Is A-TACS the Future?

News  January 20 2011
 — By Dan L.
Is A-TACS the Future?

If you have not heard by now, there is a new camouflage player in town. Digital Concealment Systems has created a revolutionary new pattern dubbed A-TACS (Advanced Tactical Concealment System), and the top brands are working hard to take advantage of the new technology.

Danner, for example, is releasing a new line of military boots in July of this year. The Desert TFX A-TACS GTX Uniform Boot has all the features and construction that has become common place with their products.  This 8” high, 100 percent waterproof boot is sure to be in high demand.

Bushmaster Firearms has taken their M4-Type Carbine and wrapped it in A-TACS, taking a gun that is intimidating enough to the next level.

Propper has also joined in the mix with their A-TACS ACUs.  With the ACU’s rugged military specification construction you are sure to see our service men and women decked out in the new gear … or maybe you won’t!

What products are you looking forward to seeing in A-TACS?

(2) Readers Comments

  1. I would like to do a vehicle wrap in A-TACS, can you help direct me?

    • Camoclad show a jeep and an H1 in A-TACS, but don’t have it listed under their products section.
      I was going to call them today and find out.

      I have an H1 that I would like to do in the AU (grey /tan) A-TACS pattern once I get the slant back panels on.
      If I can’t get it I’ll have to resort to the using the urban winter pattern from Morning Wood Camo.
      http://www.morningwoodcamo.com/camoclad.html —- I don’t think the wife will be overly thrilled, but I did get the go ahead if I can’t get the A-TACS!

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