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Evolution of a Hunter [Infographic]

We visualized a series of studies that resulted in a theory of evolution for hunter behavior and development. Do you know a hunter who fits within one of these five stages? [...]

How To: Bake a Camo Cake

We gathered the best easy-to-follow camo cake recipes on the web. Make the sweet and stealthy treats for your next gathering! [...]

Vintage Hunting Boots

Gone are the days when you could take on a hunting trip with a knife in your pocket and a gun in your hand. These days, it's all about the latest gadgets and technologies to keep [...]

What Hunters Do

We've seen these "What People Think I Do" memes around the internet this week, so we thought we'd get in on the action. Check out our version: What Hunters Do! [...]

Wild Game Feast of the Year

What's the best way to get donations from hunters? Offering a buffet of the tastiest, most inventive wild game dishes! HuntingBoots.com staffer Dan Lamb had a chance to enjoy a mouth-watering feast and help raise money [...]

Wild Game Recipes for the Holidays

There's no better way to spend the holidays than around a table with good family, good friends and good food. This year, make it some great food with some of that meat stored in your freezer [...]

Have a Merry Camo Christmas!

Having trouble finding the perfect gift for the hunters on your shopping list? Give some camo love this holiday season! We share a few of our favorites. [...]

6 Unusual Hunting Stands

It's a deer hunter's favorite time of year. We've decided it would be fun to showcase some of the craziest and most unusual tree and deer stands we've come across while perusing the Internet. [...]

Bear Steals Family’s Prius

While on vacation, one family had a chance encounter with a bear. Or rather... their family Prius had a less than pleasant experience with the animal. [...]

Cicada Recipes: Feast on the Killer Invasion

After 13 years of silence, cicadas are back in the Midwest. They are buzzing all about, causing quite a lot of havoc. But as they say, if you can't beat them, eat them! Discover what cicada [...]