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 April 28 2011
 — By Nora Hollway


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  1. looking for this cake topper!!! can anyone help?

  2. Has anyone ever answered the question of where the topper came from?

  3. I really want this cake topper for my wedding in September and I would really apreciate it if I could get my hand on it.

    • Where did you get the wedding cake topper? I am in need of one for an upcoming wedding i am doing!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

      thank you,

  4. where did can i find the deer head cake topper my son wedding is april 7m of this yeat

  5. Where did you get the cake toppers? I’m trying to locate some for my wedding.

  6. Has anyone gotten an answer of where to get the topper for this cake?

  7. i need this cake ASAP for a wedding where can i gt it and how much

  8. Me and Marks wedding cake

    • Where did you find that cake topper? I would really like to do my daughters cake with one similar.

      • where did you get your deer head cake topper ? looking for one for husband’s birthday

    • Where did you find that cake topper?

    • my fiance and i love the cake topper!! his sister and i have looked everywhere imaginable and cant find it or even one similar…not to completely copy but we would kill to find that topper!! pls email me and let me know where to find it!!

      • did you ever find out where to get this cake toppers i would really love to have it and don’t have a clue where to even look let me know please my wedding is in august

        • from all my research its not a cake topper . its just plastic deer heads they found . and the used them on the cake

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