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Bear Steals Family’s Prius

Offbeat  September 07 2011
 — By Nora Hollway
Bear Steals Family’s Prius

“Stop that bear! No really, stop that bear—he’s stealing our Prius!”

While on vacation in Lake Tahoe, the McCarthy family had a very strange encounter with a bear. It stole their family car. How you may ask? Well, those details are still a bit fuzzy.

What we do know is that the family woke up to a car honking. Looking outside, they saw the car rocking back and forth because a bear was trapped inside. After calling 911, Brian McCarthy looked back out the window to find the car had vanished.

Where had it gone? To their next-door neighbor’s front yard. The bear had ripped up the inside of the car and put the car into neutral. Rolling down the steep driveway, the car was stopped by several large boulders found on the neighbor’s property.

The bear was somehow able to free himself and was never seen again.

via WPTV

What’s the weirdest car/animal run in you’ve ever heard of?

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