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6 Weird Wall-Mounted Trophies

Offbeat  April 05 2011
 — By Nora Hollway
6 Weird Wall-Mounted Trophies

Serious trophy enthusiasts beware: Some people are starting to take the whole trophy thing to more facetious place.

Animal oddities abound online where blogs upon blogs are dedicated to the furry and unusual. Although Elmer Fudd may never have bagged his “wabbit,” it would seem that a few lucky huntsmen have caught even the elusive E.T. Check out some of the most unusual wall-mounted trophies found around cyberspace.

Paleolithic Hunter – Apparently, Jurassic Park spoke to a few people on some very different levels than the rest of us. Overzealous lovers of these ancient reptiles have decided to mount the heads of velociraptors over their fireplaces. Which begs the question – what scope would ensure a safe distance for stalking these dinos?


The E.T. Tracker – Adding a set of antlers to an outer space visitor won’t fool anyone. This is one little green man who isn’t making it home.

The Minimalist – Who says that real men don’t hunt vermin? Now show off your ferocity to all your coworkers through this cubicle-sized wall mount.


Plush Haters – Not everyone finds that white, fluffy stuffing endearing.

Ripley-Level Weird – Every so often, a thing is so peculiar that words fail to describe it. Whether a mutant freak of nature or a hairy something-or-other, some trophies should be left gathering dust in a dark storage room to gather dust or on the set of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.


Tribute Trophies – Every once in a while, a hunter will pursue a  gnarly beast as a tribute to someone he held close. This 1979 Kirby vacuum was “slain” by Richard Anderson, in memory of his mother.

[Images via expiringcontracts.blogspot.com, LaCunha, taxidermyni.com, etsy.com, boingboing.netthisnext.com and tacoma-webmaster]

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